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General Secretary Dave Penman reacts to the government publishing the Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance, with a headline figure of a 4.5% increase with no non-consolidated award

14 April 2023

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has written to the Prime Minister calling on him to urgently reform the system that deals with complaints about ministers’ conduct.

16 November 2022 | By Dave Penman

Having just passed the milestone of 10 years since he was first elected as General Secretary of the FDA, Dave Penman reflects on that time and where the union now stands as we face an increasingly uncertain future.

20 June 2022
Dave Penman Wales centenary event555

Following his recent re-election as General Secretary, Beckie Smith talks to Dave Penman about culture wars, flexible working, “the most important pay deal in a decade” and what’s next for the FDA.

01 December 2021 | By Beckie Smith

General Secretary Dave Penman has defended the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish government against what he describes as a “media campaign, egged on by rent-a-quote politicians, which is aimed at hounding Ms Evans out of her role”.

13 January 2021

Following the announcement of Sir Mark Sedwill’s departure, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has labelled the repeated anonymous briefings against the Cabinet Secretary as a “self-defeating and corrosive tactic”.

30 June 2020
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The FDA has called on the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) to investigate the changing role of government Special Advisers (SpAds) under Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Chief of Staff Dominic Cummings.

25 June 2020

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has announced the commencement of legal action from former Home Office Permanent Secretary Sir Philip Rutnam.

21 April 2020

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has called for lessons to be learnt following the conclusion of the trial of Scotland’s former first minister, Alex Salmond.

26 March 2020

General Secretary Dave Penman has warned Dominic Cummings against “surrounding himself with like-minded individuals” after advertising for government jobs on his personal blog.

06 January 2020

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman cautions the Prime Minister against an ill-informed overhaul of the civil service.

16 December 2019

At his fourth party conference of the season, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman spoke about the need for civil service impartiality with Deputy First Minister John Swinney, Territorial Politics professor Nicola McEwen and columnist Kenny Farquharson.

16 October 2019

In his latest Civil Service World column, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman looks at how the recent series of momentous political events has impacted the civil service.

08 October 2019

Speaking at a Liberal Democrat Party conference panel event, Penman and two Lib Dem peers explained the need for an impartial civil service.

17 September 2019

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to confirm no civil servant will be asked to “breach their obligation under the civil service code”.

12 September 2019

Responding to reports of a SpAd gender pay gap, FDA General Secretary underscored the responsibility for this group's diversity and salary levels rests with the Prime Minister.

27 August 2019
FDA in the news

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman warned the Prime Minister not jeopardise civil service impartiality following the revelation of a Cabinet Office document instructing government communications staff to report "unhelpful" Brexit narratives.

16 August 2019
FDA in the news
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The FDA General Secretary also reminded Boris Johnson that he will be accountable for “any failure of any policy”.

26 July 2019

The General Secretary noted that "there’s a huge difference between bringing in new ideas or radical agendas and implementing untested ideologies which, if they go wrong, will impact upon the delivery of public services to millions of citizens."

25 July 2019
FDA in the news

The General Secretaries of the FDA and Prospect have written to party leaders, asking them to pledge their support for civil service values.

23 July 2019
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