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Scott Dobson reports on the FDA's historic win on Fast Stream pay.

20 November 2023 | By Scott Dobson

Members in the FDA’s Fast Stream Section vote to accept a pay offer worth up to 22.5%.

30 August 2023

FDA members in the central Fast Stream have voted to strike in unprecedented ballot on pay

17 January 2023

The FDA’s Fast Stream section is preparing to launch a statutory postal ballot on strike action after an indicative vote showed strong support for action over pay.

08 December 2022

FDA welcomes reversal of “intellectually flawed” job cuts plan but questions how the government will match commitments with resources

02 November 2022

FDA Fast Stream reps Simon and Natasha on the campaign for better pay, and why there has never has been a better time to join the FDA.

29 September 2022

FDA Fast Stream rep Sarah Amis explains how being in the union has enabled her to both support her colleagues and develop her own leadership skills

23 September 2021 | By Sarah Amis

National Officer Steven Littlewood reflects on the historic Fast Stream pay settlement and how none of it would have been possible without the “show of determination” from Fast Stream members.

16 September 2021 | By Steven Littlewood

Join your union for the comradeship, for being part of the bigger picture, and for making a positive difference for others. But most of all, join because it’s fun, writes former Fast Streamer Lizzie Houghton.

01 September 2021

New Statesman Political Editor Stephen Bush and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government (IfG) Dr Catherine Haddon spoke about the relationship between civil servants and ministers at a recent FDA event run exclusively for Fast Stream members.

17 June 2021

We are pleased to announce that following a pay ballot in which 92% of members voted to accept the Cabinet Office/FSET 2020-21 Fast Stream Pay Offer it will now be paid in your November salary.

12 November 2020 | By Steven Littlewood

Rebecca Lawrence, Chief Executive of the Crown Prosecution Service, has delivered the FDA’s first virtual ‘Lunchtime Lecture’ for members in our Fast Stream section.

12 June 2020
Vishal Wilde thumbnail

This Young Workers Month, FDA Executive Committee member Vishal Wilde looks at the problems facing young workers, and what can be achieved by joining a trade union.

29 November 2019 | By Vishal Wilde
Cabinet office

"Fast Stream pay is not an adjunct or optional extra. Our members are civil servants and should be treated fairly."

23 September 2019 | By FDA Fast Stream Section

Joining the Fast Stream? Read our 101 and make sure your rights are being respected.

28 August 2019 | By FDA Fast Stream Section

“It’s clear from these striking results that Fast Stream pay as it stands is no longer fit for purpose," says FDA National Officer Steven Littlewood.

21 March 2019

This #HeartUnions week, FDA Fast Stream Committee Equality Officer Muneera Lula writes about unionism and being a rep.

11 February 2019 | By Muneera Lula

"Despite everything that’s been thrown at the civil service over the last few years, the data shows the public inherently trust it as a profession," says FDA General Secretary Dave Penman.

13 December 2018 | By Dave Penman
FDA in the news

Fast streamers from all departments are invited to join us at our event on Wednesday, 28 November.

21 November 2018

This Young Workers Month Lizzie Houghton, Co-convenor of the FDA Fast Stream Section, looks at how her union can help improve things for her own — and the next — generation.

21 November 2018 | By Lizzie Houghton
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