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The FDA and Prospect have called on the leaders of the major parties at Westminster to commit to a “formal protocol”.

08 November 2023
Taking time555x335

FDA rep Claire Bottomley tells Kay Hender how her own experience helped her to learn the importance of prioritising wellbeing, and the changes she helped bring to her department.

01 December 2020 | By Kay Hender

Equality Officer Victoria Jones shares advice and resources to help support you – individually and as a manager - during these uncertain times.

24 September 2020 | By Victoria Jones

This Mental Health Awareness Week, FDA Equality Officer Victoria Jones shares how in these unprecedented times, flexible working options can help with managing your mental health.

20 May 2020 | By Victoria Jones

The FDA has welcomed steps to restrict physical court hearings but more needs to be done to protect all those attending courts amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

27 March 2020

This Stress Awareness Week, we look at how FDA health and safety rep Helen Wheatley managed to help change CPS stress policy to better protect her colleagues' wellbeing.

12 November 2019

Delegates from across the trade union movement voted in favour of the FDA's motion at TUC Congress.

10 September 2019

After years of struggling with a rare form of inflammatory arthritis, DExEU's Ben Willcocks explains how flexible working allowed him to preserve his health and develop his career.

02 September 2019

"The pressure of workload is not being dealt with quickly enough within departments, and without a genuine resolve to reduce the causes of stress employees will continue to need to take sick leave to recover," said FDA AGS Lucille Thirlby.

31 May 2019
FDA in the news

On Time to Talk Day, National Officer Jane Cockram – the FDA’s lead on wellbeing – explains what members can do if they are struggling with mental health issues at work.

07 February 2019 | By Jane Cockram

"There is clearly an urgent need for the rights of disabled people in the UK to be protected." This Disability History Month, FDA Executive Committee member David Chrimes explains how his TUC motion seeks to change UK law.

03 December 2018 | By David Chrimes

FDA Convenor Barry Snelgrove discusses his fundraising efforts in the MoJ and why it’s still so important to draw attention to World AIDS Day.

30 November 2018 | By Barry Snelgrove

Last year’s Stevenson-Farmer report set out an ambitious agenda for improving mental health and wellbeing in the civil service. Craig Ryan explores the deep culture changes needed to make sure all civil servants can thrive at work.

18 April 2018 | By Craig Ryan

Civil servants are under more pressure than ever before, and stresses and strains at home can make thing worse. Jo Clift urges managers to pay attention to their own mental health – and that of their teams.

12 January 2018 | By Jo Clift

FDA Assistant General Secretary Rob O’Neill responds to a new report by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

21 September 2017
Press release

More than two-thirds of FDA members have worked while on sick or annual leave in the past year, according to the latest working hours survey carried out by the union.

11 May 2017
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