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The FDA has written to ministers to raise concerns that the government’s Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill places civil servants in a conflict between their professional and legal obligations and instructions from elected ministers.

14 March 2024

Dave Penman criticises new government guidance on ECHR rulings that places civil servants between serving ministers and professional obligations.

18 January 2024

At the first of two joint events during party conference season, the FDA and IfG discuss constitutional reform.

02 October 2023

New Statesman Political Editor Stephen Bush and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government (IfG) Dr Catherine Haddon spoke about the relationship between civil servants and ministers at a recent FDA event run exclusively for Fast Stream members.

17 June 2021

Following the announcement of Sir Mark Sedwill’s departure, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has labelled the repeated anonymous briefings against the Cabinet Secretary as a “self-defeating and corrosive tactic”.

30 June 2020

General Secretary Dave Penman has warned Dominic Cummings against “surrounding himself with like-minded individuals” after advertising for government jobs on his personal blog.

06 January 2020

At his fourth party conference of the season, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman spoke about the need for civil service impartiality with Deputy First Minister John Swinney, Territorial Politics professor Nicola McEwen and columnist Kenny Farquharson.

16 October 2019

In his latest Civil Service World column, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman looks at how the recent series of momentous political events has impacted the civil service.

08 October 2019

The former Programme Director for the Institute for Government's offers her contribution to the Smith Institute's civil service impartiality report.

07 October 2019 | By Jill Rutter

Speaking at a Liberal Democrat Party conference panel event, Penman and two Lib Dem peers explained the need for an impartial civil service.

17 September 2019

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to confirm no civil servant will be asked to “breach their obligation under the civil service code”.

12 September 2019

The First Minister of Scotland's essay for the Smith Institute's report on impartiality.

09 September 2019 | By Nicola Sturgeon

The former Deputy Prime Minister adds his contribution to the Smith Institute's impartiality report.

27 August 2019 | By Lord Heseltine

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman warned the Prime Minister not jeopardise civil service impartiality following the revelation of a Cabinet Office document instructing government communications staff to report "unhelpful" Brexit narratives.

16 August 2019
FDA in the news

The General Secretaries of the FDA and Prospect have written to party leaders, asking them to pledge their support for civil service values.

23 July 2019

The General Secretaries of the FDA and Prospect are to send a joint letter to the leaders of the UK's main political parties calling on them to defend civil servants' "impartiality and integrity".

22 July 2019
FDA in the news
BBC newsnight-555

General Secretary Dave Penman tells BBC Newsnight's Mark Urban what Sir Kim Darroch's resignation means for the civil service.

10 July 2019
FDA in the news

“Sir Kim Darroch has been placed in an impossible situation, firstly by the leaking of confidential communiques and then by the failure of Boris Johnson and his supporters to provide unequivocal support," stated General Secretary Dave Penman.

10 July 2019
Press release
impartiality matters-555

The FDA-commissioned report features essays from individuals across the political spectrum.

10 July 2019

As well as being quoted on the cover of the Times and writing an opinion piece for Red Box this week, General Secretary Dave Penman has also appeared on Talk Radio defending civil servants.

05 July 2019
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