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At the first of two joint events during party conference season, the FDA and IfG discuss constitutional reform.

02 October 2023

FDA General Secretary has written to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland calling on him to provide Ministerial Direction ahead of budget

04 April 2023

The FDA responds to publication of legal judgement that shows former agriculture minister for Northern Ireland put politics above legal considerations

10 January 2023

Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service Jayne Brady speaks to the FDA about the lessons she has learnt from her first year in the role.

06 January 2023 | By Scott Dobson

General Secretary Dave Penman responds to the announcement of the suspension of Irish Sea border checks.

03 February 2022

Stormont played host to our fourth centenary celebration, as Northern Ireland members were joined by civil service and trade union colleagues to mark 100 years of the FDA.

24 October 2019

The FDA General Secretary said Northern Irish "civil servants, who have been left without political direction for more than two years now, could not and should not be expected to take decisions with such profound economic and security implications."

26 March 2019
FDA in the news

As the Northern Ireland Budget is pushed through Westminster, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman warns that over two years without a functioning executive has left the Northern Ireland Civil Service to “operate within an ambiguous framework”.

06 March 2019 | By Dave Penman

Northern Ireland has been without a government for almost a year. But, while politicians try to clear a path back to power-sharing, the demands on public services don’t go away. Matt Foster speaks to three FDA members who are senior officials in the Northern Ireland Civil Service about how they’re keeping the show on the road.

08 January 2018 | By Matt Foster

FDA Assistant General Secretary Rob O’Neill responds to a new report by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

21 September 2017
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