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STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer speaks to Kay Hender about our responsibility to encourage others and why being in a trade union is like joining a gym.

03 May 2022 | By Kay Hender
FDA Equal Value Equal Worth 555

Secretary of the FDA’s Procurators Fiscal Section Fiona Eadie reflects on the historic pay deal achieved for members in COPFS and the success of the ‘Equal Value, Equal Worth’ campaign.

10 August 2021 | By Fiona Eadie

FDA National Officer for Scotland Allan Sampson described the announcement as a victory for "all those who have spoken out and fought to make it a better place to work"

22 June 2021

The FDA has received a pay offer from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service to settle the long-running ‘Equal value, equal worth’ campaign for pay parity with the Scottish Government.

24 March 2021

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman responds to the publication of the report of the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints.

23 March 2021

The FDA broadly supports the recommendations of Laura Dunlop QC’s review into the Scottish Government’s handling of harassment complaints but has called for a “fully independent process” to be implemented.

17 March 2021

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman defends civil servants called to give evidence to the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints

12 March 2021

General Secretary Dave Penman has responded to press reports regarding the costs of support for civil service witnesses to the Salmond inquiry.

18 January 2021

General Secretary Dave Penman has defended the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish government against what he describes as a “media campaign, egged on by rent-a-quote politicians, which is aimed at hounding Ms Evans out of her role”.

13 January 2021

Laura Gilbert speaks to three senior public servants about the work they’ve done to tackle discrimination in the civil service and the NHS, and what needs to be done to help achieve true representation at the top.

25 October 2019

At his fourth party conference of the season, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman spoke about the need for civil service impartiality with Deputy First Minister John Swinney, Territorial Politics professor Nicola McEwen and columnist Kenny Farquharson.

16 October 2019

The First Minister of Scotland's essay for the Smith Institute's report on impartiality.

09 September 2019 | By Nicola Sturgeon

Last week, we had the opportunity to celebrate 100 years of the FDA with an event at the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood.

14 June 2019

Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA trade union which represents senior civil servants, claimed Salmond had "continually targeted" the Scottish Government Permanent Secretary.

09 January 2019
FDA in the news

Civil service union the FDA called for the case to be reopened. General secretary Dave Penman insisted the fall of the case was down to a “flaw” in the way it was conducted.

09 January 2019
FDA in the news

Scottish Government’s public sector pay policy 2019-20 “doesn’t truly value” the work of FDA members, says Allan Sampson.

18 December 2018

“The split nature of this pay policy sends a message that the Scottish Government doesn’t truly value the vital work carried out by our members in Scotland,” says FDA National Officer Allan Sampson.

13 December 2018
FDA in the news

FDA National Officer Allan Sampson responds to the announcement of the Scottish Government’s public sector pay policy.

12 December 2018
Press release

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution Derek MacKay has signed a union agreement committing to the application of Fair Work principles across Scottish Government and associated bodies.

13 November 2018

“While we welcome the in-year budget increase, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf must ensure this comes as part of a sustained, long-term commitment to adequately resource the COPFS and isn’t simply a flash in the pan," says FDA President Fiona Eadie.

02 October 2018
Press release
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