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Equality Officer Victoria Jones shares advice and resources to help support you – individually and as a manager - during these uncertain times.
24th Sep 2020| By Victoria Jones
Jules Goodlet-Rowley has been named as the winner of this year’s Wendy Jones Award after being nominated by the FDA’s Scottish Government branch for her work on mental health.
18th Sep 2020
11 organisations that represent staff in PHE have written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, calling for “an open and transparent consultation process on the transition to NIHP marked by a commitment to collaborate with trades unions and professional associations”.
15th Sep 2020
Join your union for the comradeship, for being part of the bigger picture, and for making a positive difference for others. But most of all, join because it’s fun, writes former Fast Streamer Lizzie Houghton.
21st Sep 2020

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