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Code of conduct

The FDA represents senior managers and professionals in the public service. The FDA does not seek to regulate the conduct of members or elected officers, but it expects all members to observe in their union activities the standards and values commonly required of senior and professional figures in public service. These values include:

  • treating others with respect (even if profoundly disagreeing with them) and behaving in a manner which reflects the commitment of the union to equality and diversity;
  • acting in accordance with the law; and
  • demonstrating honesty, integrity and a willingness to consider the views of others who share these values.

Moreover, members remain public service employees, and in appropriate cases members of a professional body, even when undertaking FDA activity. 

In particular, there is a responsibility upon all members of the union, especially elected officials and those representing the union, to behave in a way that:

  • is respectful and professional towards other FDA members, and others with whom they come into contact, with the expectation that they will be treated in a similar manner;
  • places the interests of the members above any personal differences they may have with union colleagues;
  • seeks to work with employers and others with whom they engage in the course of union work in a constructive manner that does not undermine the reputation or political impartiality of the FDA;
  • recognises the structures and decision-making processes set out in the union rules and national law, which includes the importance of acting in accordance with the policies of the FDA when speaking on behalf of the FDA; and
  • recognises the potential scope for a range of differing views, honestly held, and the need to work together constructively with fellow union members in a spirit of mutual compromise, and seeking consensus wherever possible, in order to further the interests of FDA members more generally.

These obligations apply equally to members' conduct during elections for office within the union.

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