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Public Service Magazine: for senior managers and professionals

PSM masthead 2016

Public Service Magazine is the FDA's award-winning glossy magazine, containing news and features written specifically for senior managers and professionals in the public service.

The magazine is published quarterly and sent to all FDA members and subscribers, including journalists and members of both the Houses of Commons and Lords.

The PSM winter 2016 issue of Public Service Magazine includes:

  • former District Fiscal Emma Knox explaining how vital the FDA was to her, after she was dismissed for misconduct following a near-fatal car accident;
  • an interview with MoD Permanent Secretary Jon Thompson, covering Strategic Defence and Security Review changes and questioning how he can attract the skills required;
  • reports from the FDA's 'into leadership' conferences;
  • information about - and contact details for - members of the union's Executive Committee;
  • opinions from Keystone National Officer Wynne Parry and Alice Martin of the New Economics Foundation;
  • an update on the union's organising and recruitment work, from FDA and Keystone Organiser Becky Billington;
  • the Work section, including My Working Week, Revolving Door and My Alternative Career.