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Wednesday 06 April 2022

“A retrograde and unnecessary step”: FDA criticises new SCS performance management guidance

The FDA has criticised the government’s decision to delay the implementation of reforms to the performance management system for Senior Civil Servants (SCS), and the announcement that the existing performance management policy, with some adjustments, will apply for 2022/23. The adjustments will see those at SCS level ranked in one of four categories, with an expectation that 5% of staff will be ranked in the lowest category.

As reported by Civil Service World, FDA Assistant General Secretary Lucille Thirlby described the updated guidance as “a retrograde and unnecessary step”, adding that “it is hard to comprehend why any organisation would arbitrarily decide that 5% of its staff must be underperforming”.

In a message to FDA members in the Senior Civil Service, Thirlby further expressed her disappointment at the decision, and added that the FDA had made further representations to the Senior Salaries Review Body, making clear the union’s unhappiness at the approach:

“It is disappointing that all the work the Cabinet Office has undertaken to change and improve the Performance Management system will not be realised for another year.”

FDA members can read the FDA’s full submission to this year’s Senior Salaries Review Body here.

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