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Tuesday 17 January 2023

FDA Fast Stream members vote to strike

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FDA members in the central Fast Stream have overwhelmingly voted to take strike action over pay. On a turnout of 60%, comfortably surpassing the legal threshold of 50%, 88%  backed industrial action in the statutory postal ballot.

FDA National Officer for the Fast Stream, Lauren Crowley, stated “our Fast Stream members have been absolutely clear – they will no longer put up with unfair pay.” 

“This result highlights the anger that our members are feeling, they are tired of empty promises when it comes to pay reform.”

Crowley told the Financial Times that as a result Fast Streamers feel “undervalued and unloved”. 

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman added: “This dispute has been years in the making. It may have been exacerbated by a cost-of-living crisis caused by events across the globe, but its origins are homegrown.” 

“The civil service Fast Stream attracts some of the brightest graduates in the country, many of whom will go on to lead the service, advising ministers and prime ministers… We have been urging the Cabinet Office for years to address low pay in the Fast Stream, but there has been an abject failure to embrace meaningful reform”. 

The Cabinet Office has been notified of the result of the ballot, and the FDA have requested an urgent meeting resolve this dispute. 

Outlining how this dispute could be resolved, Crowley urged the employer “to reflect on how it has allowed this to happen and take action now to ensure a fair deal for Fast Streamers… Even at this late stage we remain willing to negotiate but negotiations must be based on a meaningful offer on pay.” 

If these negotiations do not result in a meaningful offer, the FDA will proceed to announce the first strike days. 

The news was reported across the media, including the FT, Mail, Independent, City A.M. and other publications.

Penman also appeared on Bloomberg Radio, Times Radio with John Pienaar and Talk TV with Tom Newton Dunn to discuss the ballot. 

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