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Monday 25 March 2024

FDA delegates attend the TUC Young Workers’ Conference

On 23 and 24 March, FDA delegates attended the 2024 TUC Young Workers’ Conference, held at Congress House in London.  


Every year the TUC hosts a series of equality conferences that supplement the general work of TUC Congress. These conferences focus on supporting the advancement of issues important to groups that are traditional underrepresented in the trade union movement. The Young Workers’ Conference gave the FDA delegates the opportunity to connect with members of other unions to discuss shared issued and workplace challenges.  

At this year’s conference, FDA lead delegate Honey Butterworth moved a motion calling for ‘Targeted support for marginalised and underrepresented workers’. The motion addresses the disproportionate levels of unemployment faced by both young people from ethnic minorities and those with disabilities. The FDA delegation called on the TUC and Young Workers Forum to support the following actions: 

  • Campaign for employers to establish innovative and effective paid internship programmes designed to provide practical experience and mentoring for young, underrepresented staff entering the workplace.  
  • Advocate for the development of new recruitment schemes that actively seek out and embrace the talents of young and diverse staff, ensuring equal access to entry-level opportunities.  
  • Collaborate with senior colleagues and trade unions to design programmes to address the unique challenges and barriers faced by young people, fostering a more inclusive and supportive professional environment.  

FDA delegate Zaine Mansuralli spoke in support of Usdaw’s ‘Freedom from Fear’ motion, which focuses on improving workplace safety. Mansuralli told the conference: 

“There is nothing more fundamental to our movement than the belief that every workplace and every worker should be free from fear and intimidation, and that there should be a safe working environment for everyone.

“Our workers have grown used to being the subject of misplaced anger at government policy and being the subject of inaccurate stories in the press which we cannot reply to.” 

At the conference, both Butterworth and Mansuralli were successfully elected to the TUC Young Workers Forum. In this position they will be to put motions in to action and help ensure the TUC delivers for young workers. 

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