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Tuesday 27 April 2021

FDA welcomes decision to grant a full hearing for Ministerial Code judicial review

Ilyas Tayfun Salci / Shutterstock.com

The FDA's General Secretary, Dave Penman has welcomed the decision of the courts today to grant the union's judicial review on the Ministerial Code a full hearing, arguing that it is "vital" that decisions on the Ministerial Code are "subject to the rule of law".

In a statement, Penman said:
"We are very pleased that The Honourable Mr Justice Linden has today granted permission for a full hearing in our judicial review. The Ministerial Code is the only means by which civil servants can raise complaints against the conduct of ministers and it is vital that decisions on this are subject to the rule of law.

"Ministers should be held to the same standards of conduct as civil servants. We welcome the opportunity now granted to argue that point fully that the Prime Minister erred in his interpretation of the Ministerial Code when deciding that the Home Secretary did not break the code." 

The outcome of the hearing, and the FDA's response, has been widely reported, including by BBC News, the Guardian and the Mirror.

You can read more from the General Secretary on why the FDA is pursuing this legal challenge here

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