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Friday 18 September 2020

Jules Goodlet-Rowley wins 2020 Wendy Jones Award

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Jules Goodlet-Rowley has been named as the winner of this year’s Wendy Jones Award after being nominated by the FDA’s Scottish Government branch for her work on mental health.

The award is named in memory of Wendy Jones, a former FDA Equality Officer, and is awarded annually to the FDA member who has done most to promote the equality and diversity agenda that year.

Goodlet-Rowley received the award in recognition of all her work on equality in the Scottish Government branch, particularly her outstanding contribution in the area of mental health. This included leading a series of events for leaders and managers in the Scottish Government to help them manage poor mental health.

On receiving her award, she said: “To say I was shocked at winning this award is an understatement. Equalities is my passion and I’ve been fortunate to work with an amazing selection of individuals in the past 12 years in the Scottish Government.

“It is really rewarding being able to effect change and enable conversations on a subject that is so important. The highlight of 2019 was designing and hosting an event that brought people together to talk openly about mental health and wellbeing.”

Looking to the future, she added: “If I had one ask it would be that we continue these open conversations, where it is safe to talk about our experiences. It is only through these conversations that the issues of equality can be weaved into the work we do and the policies we design. Equalities is and should always remain at the heart of all we do. I look forward to the next 12 years and all the opportunities it may present.”

FDA Equality Officer Victoria Jones described Goodlet-Rowley as an “exemplar rep and a huge asset to our equality work.”

“Jules really has made an outstanding contribution to equality within the union. We first met celebrating the union’s centenary at the Scottish Parliament, and I was blown away by the work Jules and the Scottish Government branch were doing locally. I was lucky enough to join Jules and a group of women members at the TUC’s Women’s Conference earlier this year, where she spoke passionately about the menopause and the need for workplace support – another example of Jules being willing to fight for causes she is passionate about.

"She has continued to work collaboratively with the employer, raise awareness and volunteer her time to support the union more broadly.

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