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Friday 31 May 2019

More than 5,600 sign FDA’s fair pay petition

Mark Thomas

More than 5,600 people have signed the FDA’s petition calling on Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington to champion fair pay for civil servants. 

The petition was handed in to the Cabinet Office on Thursday 30 May. Signatories included current and retired civil servants as well as many from outside the service who recognise the invaluable work that our members do. 

“I strongly believe that civil servants are the backbone of British society, and they should be fairly recompensed for their hard work and commitment.” - Sue G. 


“Civil servants have a wealth of experience and knowledge not available in the private sector. They deserve to be better rewarded.” - Neil S. 

Over the past year we have seen ministers in other areas successfully fight for public sector pay rises while civil servants were left behind with below-inflation rises capped at 1.5%. So, FDA Vice President Tony Wallace launched the petition as a direct call to Lidington to speak up for hard working civil servants. 

Wallace said he hoped Lidington would “listen to the clear message” from the thousands of signatories and “deliver a fair deal for civil servants”. 

“There can barely be a time in living memory when the country has relied on the civil service more,” Wallace said in a message to members. “As we prepare to leave the EU, whilst politicians have failed to reach a consensus the civil service has been doing what it does best – planning for contingencies, briefing ministers on options, preparing for new powers and responsibilities whilst at the same time delivering vital public services. 

“We have been thanked by ministers and the Prime Minister but, welcome as these words are, the civil service needs a champion who will ensure that we are rewarded fairly and not, as has been the case so far, at the bottom of the public sector pay league.”

“[Civil servants] do an amazing job and deserve the recognition in their salary.” - Victoria L. 


“As a former British civil servant, I am all too aware of how essential a well-functioning civil service is to a democracy. The civil service is losing ground. It cannot be a centre of excellence on the back of low pay.” - Robin F. 

A motion passed at this year’s ADC called for an independent pay review body for the whole civil service. The FDA believes this would provide an evidenced-based approach to pay, free from political interference and fair to both tax-payers and hardworking civil servants. 

While the FDA will continue to negotiate within the civil service employers to provide the best possible outcome for members, we will also be stepping up our campaign for a fairer system to determine the pay rises that our members deserve.

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