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Sunday 11 September 2016

TUC Congress: FDA raises issues of Brexit and wellbeing

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The FDA delegation included the FDA’s President Gareth Hills, Vice President Fiona Eadie, ARC President Vicky Johnson and General Secretary Dave Penman.

Moving the FDA’s motion on wellbeing on the first day of Congress, Eadie told conference that “the FDA’s latest campaign calls on every civil service employer to compensate every civil servant for every hour worked.”

She called on the Government to “ensure that the hours of work for public servants are monitored and recorded, ensure that civil servants are compensated for all the hours they work and demonstrate how its commitments can be delivered with the resources allocated”.

Penman spoke to move the FDA’s motion on making a success of Brexit, highlighting how the trade union movement “inextricably linked to the EU for over 40 years, now faces uncertain times”.

He outlined the union’s concern about the “deafening silence from the Government on whether a single penny of extra resources will be delivered” to support the civil service’s successful delivery of Brexit.

On Monday, Hills (pictured) spoke to support a motion covering tax relief on pension contributions. He said: “Tax relief on pension contributions… demonstrates to individuals that the Government wants them to save for their retirement, and tacitly acknowledges that the state pension alone isn’t enough to live on. Further generations simply cannot afford for working people today to stop saving for retirement.”

Supporting a motion on protecting workers and trade union rights in the EU Brexit,on the final day of Congress, Johnson (pictured) said: “Following Brexit, we saw some inexcusable behaviour from a small minority of people which led to the perception that EU workers may no longer be welcome to work in the UK. ”

She urged the TUC to “hold the Government to account… We must work with the Government to provide certainty and job security”.

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