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Monday 12 August 2019

£85M to the CPS is a good start, but it should not be treated as an end

By Steven Littlewood
Willy Barton / Shutterstock.com

FDA National Officer Steven Littlewood responds to the recent Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) funding announcement.

As part of what Boris Johnson has dubbed 'crime week', it has been announced that the CPS is to receive a £85m cash injection over the next two years.

Just last week, we sent the Prime Minister almost 900 messages from members of the public, calling on him to commit to the four key demands of the FDA's Manifesto for Justice. One of these asks was to properly resource the CPS.

The Government have now acknowledged how an explosion of digital evidence has impacted the Criminal Justice System, and this new money is the first significant increase of the CPS funds in ten years.

It seems Boris Johnson is beginning to listen to our message. This is a win, and we want to thank everyone who emailed the Prime Minister, and who has so far signed our Petition for Justice.

But this new funding is a start, not an end. £85 million is not enough to undo years of under-funding: more is needed.

Which is why we're asking for your help again. If you have not yet, sign and share our Petition for Justice, and continue to discuss these issues with your friends, families and colleagues. Share our statement on the funding; share this page. We have print copies of the Manifesto, and posters; if you would any materials to promote our campaign in your office, please get in touch with me.

We also still need the Government to commit to competitive pay and fees for lawyers working in criminal law, and to stop any further legal aid cuts. We continue to lobby for change, and will keep you updated on all developments.

Thank you, once again, to those who have already taken part in our campaign. And thank you, in advance, to those who will help further advance it. Together, we will ensure that justice will be done.

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