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Monday 13 May 2019

"Solitude to Solidarity": Littlewood on the Manifesto for Justice

Mark Thomas

In his new Unions 21 blog, FDA National Officer Steven Littlewood uses our recently launched Manifesto for Justice to demonstrate the power of creating a collective voice.

The Manifesto, which explains what must be done to save the UK Criminal Justice System, has been endorsed by both the Bar Council and the Law Society. By joining forces, the FDA and the two professional bodies can now speak to Government on behalf of tens of thousands of lawyers.

"This united front is even more impressive considering how fragmented and individualised lawyers are as a workforce," writes Littlewood. "On the CPS side, many of our members spend their time working alone in Court or preparing for trials. Meanwhile, defence and self-employed prosecution lawyers have to navigate the perils of isolated and precarious work."

"All of this makes lawyers a notoriously difficult group to organise," he continues. "But this is why it is so essential to turn solitude into solidarity, and help them access the benefits of a collective voice.

"Having worked for Equity, I am fully aware of the power of uniting individuals from across practices, locations and even disciplines. If actors, designers and clowns can come together to affect real change, why not defence and prosecution?"

Read the full blog here.

You can support the Manifesto by signing its accompanying petition, calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, to meet the document's four demands.

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